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Many folks claim to hear God's voice. But how do we know it's God speaking and not just our EGO disguised in Divine clothing?  (Preached on August 30, 2020 at St. Augustine's 10 am mass)

THE Greatest Question is WHO do YOU say Jesus is? Our best answer is given when we confess that we are, indeed, hiding, hurt and helpless. (Preached at St Augustine’s 4:30 pm mass on August 21, 2020)

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus praises the faith of a Canaanite woman: "Great is your Faith."  What would Jesus say about our faith?  In today's homily, I explore building our faith around a simple prayer:  "O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everthing."  (preached at St. Augustine's 10 am mass on August 16, 2020)

Jesus famously invites Peter to walk on water— i.e. to take the LEAP that is faith itself. Where are we being called to that same leap of faith? (Preached at St Anthony’s 10 am mass on August 9, 2020)

The famous parable of the wheat & weeds contains in it the anguished cry of all humanity: “Where have the weeds come from?” That is, why is life so messy? Why is there evil? What we need is God’s view, God’s Perspective, and we get it when we wait in faith, look with hope and act with love.

Christ’s first parable was the parable of the Sower. Living fully in God’s Kingdom means allowing the Word of God to flourish In our hearts. 1.Trust the power of the seed...2. Let the seed go deep...3. Bloom where you are planted

Every 2nd Sunday of Lent the Church proclaims the Gospel of the Transfiguration— the revelation of Christ in His Glory on Mt Tabor.  We too are called to climb that mountain and be transfigured by HIS love—simply, say YES TO GOD & NO TO FEAR!! (Preached at Holy Family in Davidsonville, 3/8/20)

In Matthew chapters 5-7, Jesus preaches THE GREATEST SERMON ever preached--commonly called, the Sermon on the Mount.  Here we discover the KEY to Spiritual Freedom.  Here Jesus paves our road to ETERNAL JOY & HAPPINESS that can begin TODAY, if--and only if--we try to live these life-giving words.  (Preached at St. Augustine's on February 23, 2020--10 am mass)

It's very common that Christians often forget that THE most important thing: truly knowing JESUS as our FRIEND, SAVIOR, MASTER and LORD.  Every other aspect of our faith follows from this FIRST PRINCIPLE.  We don't believe in ideas or a philosophy or a moral code of conduct; we come to believe--indeed, TRUST with all our hearts a PERSON who then leads to embrace HIS ideas, philosophy and mode of acting.  (Homily preached on January 19, 2020 at St. Augustine's Church 10 am mass)

The Capuchin Franciscan Order, to which I belong, has a stunning definition for prayer:  "Prayer is the breathing of love."  WOW!  When we were baptized into Christ, we are baptized into a way of breathing GOD's LOVE into our hearts and breathing out HIS love to all we meet.  (Preached at St. Augustine's Parish on January 12, 2020)

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