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At the end of John's Gospel, Jesus asks Peter: "do you love me?."  That's the question that should wake us up each morning, animate our day, and focus our entire life:  Do we love Jesus?  This homily explores three ways to REMAIN in the LOVE of the Lord.  (Preached at St. Augustine's 12:30 pm on May 7, 2019)

Divine Mercy Sunday comes with an invitation to know the "PEACE that surpasses all understanding"--to quote a very funny episode of Seinfeld: we are called to "Serenity NOW."  Unfortunately, many Christians don't experience deep PEACE because the don't listen to the Risen Jesus, who invites us to touch/name the wound and claim HIS VICTORY.

Last week the holy mother of a dear friend was called home to the Lord--Camille Palombo.  I had the honor of preaching at her funeral celebration.   Camille was/is a marvelous example of St. Therese's Little Way of Holiness, as she demonstrated in the ordinary tasks of life an extraordinary LOVE, which calls us to believe, bless and belong.  These actions seem perfect point for reflection as we enter this holiest of weeks.

Pope Francis proclaims that the JOY OF THE GOSPEL should fill the hearts of those who encounter JESUS.  Indeed, our hearts will be filled if we take our cue from MARY, OUR MOTHER.  Her Yes (her FIAT) is always the Gateway to God's Promised JOY.   (Talk given on April 7, 2019 to Sodality of St. Gabriel's Parish.)

The Parable of the Prodigal Son is Christ's quintessential expression of God's Merciful Love.  Here we see how deep God's love is for us, and yet there is no love without suffering.  This homily explores how suffering plays its role in this breathtaking parable.  (preached on March 31, 2019 at St. Francis of Assisi in Derwood, MD)  

Matthew's Sermon on the Mount or Luke's Sermon on the Plain present Jesus' upside down view of reality.  Only those who surrender the illusion of control can see the world from God's perspective.   And that surrender means TRUST.  (Preached at St. Augustine's 8 am mass on February 17th) 

Every political party has a platform, a declaration of its positions and commitments.   Jesus too has come to promise His followers a platform of certain commitments...ways of being in this broken world.  We are called to be anointed, healed and freed. (Preached at St. Augustine's 4:30 pm mass on January 27th).

Many have described 2018 as an Annus horribilis--a horrible year.  To be sure, politics, culture and even the Catholic Church has been particularly plagued by division, denial and doubts.  In fact, Division, denial and doubt represent three enemies of the Spirit of God; three troublesome clouds of darkness that threaten the LIGHT of CHRIST.  But Christ's Light is still brighter, and HIS truth will conquer all division, denial and doubt.  (Preached at St. Augustine on January 6, 2019 at 12:30 pm mass)

Christmas celebrates the joyous and consoling Truth that God is truly with us--even in the messiest places.  Holy Family Sunday reminds us that sometime the messiest place can also be the holiest place.  (Preached at St. Augustine on December 30, 2018 at 10 am mass)

Merry Christmas! But is it really, really MERRY?  So often there lurks a Grinch in our hearts trying to steal away the JOY of God's Good News.  But there is a way to always have a MERRY CHRISTMAS--even when we might feel a tad grinchy:  Imitate Mother Mary--Let it BE.  (Preached at St. Augustine's on Dec. 23, 2018 at 10 am mass)

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